Climate-friendly spots in the Meetjesland, with guarantee

Climate-friendly spots in the Meetjesland, with guarantee

Environmentally-friendly staycation thanks to the 'Green Key' label

These tourist sites in the Meetjesland have been awarded with the 'Green Key' label. The label means that, as a climate-friendly business, they are committed to their environment and the tourists who come to visit. Highly recommended for your staycation!

The provincial domain Het Leen (Eeklo/Lievegem) and domain Menas (Aalter) form two massive green lungs where you can stay and enjoy leisure activities in the middle of nature. There are also four small accommodation addresses in the Meetjesland that also fly the 'green key' flag: Eyckenhuys (Aalter), Wildeweg, B&B De Lievde (both Lievegem) and BenBSjerie (Maldegem).

International label for sustainability

In the words of Green Key: "Green Key is the first quality label that promotes sustainable travel, business meetings and leisure.  Our Green Key establishments are committed to a more sustainable world. Anyone staying at a Green Key site is helping to make a difference on an environmental level, without compromising on comfort or affordability. Green Key rewards establishments that contribute to the development of a more socio-environmental just society.  We put them on the map, literally and figuratively, so that tourists can find them".

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Het Leen, the green lung of the region

Not only is Het Leen centrally located in the heart of the Meetjesland, on the border of Eeklo with Lievegem. It is also without a doubt the place in the region that attracts the most tourists and hobbyists. And all these people come for Het Leen's three major trumps: nature, peace and tranquillity. So it comes as no surprise that the people at Het Leen consider a "green key" label crucial for their business. In East Flanders, Het Leen is the provincial domain par excellence, where natural values take center stage.

So much to enjoy

You'll notice it when strolling around, an almost sacred silence permeates the domain, which is extremely therapeutic. And yet there is much to enjoy: young people, groups and schools come here to camp, there is fishing, there is a cafeteria with a popular playground, people come to have a picnic (tidying up after themselves of course), people stroll around and it is a popular bike route that connects the Lembeekse woods with the Schipdonk canal and Landscape Park Drongengoed.

You can visit Het Leen, during daylight, through the central entrance: Provinciaal domein Het Leen, Gentsesteenweg 60, 9900 Eeklo (T +32 9 376 74 74). Cyclists can bike through it from cycling node 58 of 55 in Eeklo towards node 57 en 54 in Lievegem, in both directions.

Menas calms, deepens, and connects

Hidden in the forests of Sint-Maria-Aalter is the magical spot Menas, on the edge of the provinces of East and West Flanders still just in the Meetjesland. This domain of the Brothers of Charity is today a place of silence and a guesthouse that can accommodate groups of up to 48 people. The major trump of the domain is its park. Such monumental nature to be found here! The sustainability philosophy is never far away here at domain Menas on Blekkervijverstraat (lovely street name!).

Everyone welcome

Everyone is welcome in the park. The domain is open to visitors looking to discover the history of the park but, you are equally welcome to just enjoy the silence. Menas forms the heart of this part of the Landscape Park Bulskampveld in Sint-Maria-Aalter. It is a fairly unknown area for hikers, but we can recommend it to everyone.

You can respectfully and silently visit Menas during daylight, Blekkervijverstraat 20, Sint-Maria-Aalter (T +32 9 325 90 50). On the cycling network it can be found between cycling node 1 and node 99 in Aalter.

Also discover these four sustainable and charming 'green key' lodgings

Small-scale holiday homes or B&Bs are really a specialty of 'tourist Meetjesland'. There's no shortage of wonderful options. A few of our most proactive B&B operators therefore thought it was essential to get the "green key" message across to their guests: "We look after nature, just like we will look after you."


B&B De Lievde (Lievegem)

On the Lieve-path at the magical spot 't Haantje on the border of Lievegem (Lovendegem) with Evergem, you will find the beautiful and grandiose B&B De Lievde. It's a beautiful spot, with a garden like a park and a B&B with a pool. Owner Kathleen's hospitality will win you over. Nothing has been overlooked in this B&B, and Ides and Kathleen attach great importance to sustainability and being awarded the 'green key'. Highly recommended!

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BenBSjerie (Maldegem)

This B&B is located in the Maldegem municipality of Middelburg. Zeeland Flanders is literally just a few metres away. Middelburg is also a unique creek village, with the Meule creek and Verloren creek snaking around it like a crescent. Middelburg was a medieval Zwinstad, founded by the nobleman Bladelin. A lovely area for hikers and cyclists. What's more, you're not far from: Aardenburg, Sluis, and Knokke-Heist.

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B&B Het Eyckenhuys (Aalter)

This B&B in Aalter was the very first 'green key' address in the Meetjesland. Since inception, Het Eyckenhuys B&B has taken sustainability into consideration, because it's so beneficial. Visitors benefit, the neighbours are happy, and the B&B thrives as well. Besides the peace and quiet of the Meetjesland, Het Eyckenhuys is also an excellent base for tourists looking to visit Ghent, Bruges or the coast. That's why it attracts visitors from all over the place. "Even among foreign tourists from all over the world, there is great appreciation for how we care for the environment," confirm the owners.

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Boutique Hotel Shamon (Eeklo)

This is the Meetjesland hotel par excellence where the interior decor really takes you somewhere exotic. Hotel Shamon in Eeklo is a beautiful boutique hotel in Art-Nouveau style. Housed in a building with a rich history and an incredibly fascinating story. It is the ideal place to explore the Meetjesland or for a 3-city trip to Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges.

Just want to take some time out in a stylish, unique setting? Then Hotel Shamon is what you're looking for. Because the moment you enter it's like you're on a cultural trip. Windy and Tomas welcome you with open arms and offer a real "homely" vibe. They have hospitality in their blood.

It's not every day that you stay the night in a listed building. But fortunately, you'll do just that at Hotel Shamon in Eeklo. The hotel is actually the former Villa Dageraad, a private residence in Art-Nouveau style dating from 1910, and listed as a protected heritage site since 1994. From the moment you enter, you step into an era of pure elegance, grace and architectural splendour.

Each of the 10 rooms is named after an Art-Nouveau artist. And for the icing on the cake, legend has it that all of these impressive names, including Gustav Klimt and Paul Cauchie, actually have a connection to the villa. An overnight stay here is therefore like a warm dip in a hot cultural bath.

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Hotel Mama (Maldegem)

At this B&B, you literally go to a hotel with mum. That's what you buy. Caring for a better world and a green key is self-evident to Petra. After all, here you want to be at home and being at home that also means care, security.

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Door-drongen-Goed (Maldegem)

This residence proudly calls itself 'eco' and is already set as an ecological holiday home upon construction. It is therefore logical that Door-drongen-goed has resolutely opted for the green key. The location is beautiful, you are in the Kraailokerkweg in Maldegem and the Drongengoed is nearby. Here you are guaranteed to see the occasional roe deer or fallow deer jumping off. In the Meetjesland, among nature.

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