Gluten-free addresses in the Meetjesland

Gluten-free addresses in the Meetjesland

Gluten-free gastronomy for the whole family!

You probably already knew that the Meetjesland is an unbelievably hospitable region where the whole family can hike, stay the night, dine and enjoy to their hearts' content. But did you also know that no-one is left out here?

Everyone has been taken into account - including bon vivants with a gluten intolerance. If you want to avoid gluten and still want to get the most out of your visit to the Meetjesland, this is your essential list.

Gluten-free? No problem!

Waiters rolling their eyes when you ask for gluten-free alternatives? Or are you still always slightly apprehensive when you enter a restaurant? Not in the Meetjesland, because a wide range of cafes and restaurants, and hotels, will go the extra mile for you - with a smile, of course.

What's more, you can rest assured: all of the establishments on this list have been thoroughly trained on the correct way to prepare and serve gluten-free meals. No need for pot luck then, just enjoy delicious meals with no risk. Ready? Tuck in!

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 Gluten-free restaurants in 't Meetjesland: so delicious!

De Boshoeve in Lembeke serves no less than 2 full menu pages of delicious gluten-free dishes. From appetizer to dessert, here you never have to worry. Even if you want to try breakfast, there are plenty of options - and the gluten-free pancakes are the most delicious you will ever taste.

So now we're off to Evergem-Kluizen. In De Cluysenaer - besides the endless whiskey varieties on display in this gourmet's paradise - you can find gluten-free options and have lunch your way. Let them know about any intolerances in advance, and irresistible dishes will be served up for you.

Still hungry? At Villa Maria in Ursel, there's room at the table for the whole family. This stately villa dates all the way back to 1914, but features a modern kitchen. Outside, there is a large lawn with a playground where the little ones can play while you make your selection from the adapted menu. By the way, definitely let them know about any intolerance 24 hours in advance!

Gastronomic delights are waiting for you at La Maryse, in Eeklo. Because who says you can't enjoy fine cuisine with a gluten intolerance? All dishes boast fresh, seasonal produce, creatively transformed into delicious taste sensations. Be sure to check it out!

Or have you heard about 't Luipaard? A small eatery on the Kapelledreef in Assenede with traditional snacks, more exotic suggestions and a hearty, gluten-free welcome. Assenede is also the ideal base for bike trips around the creek area.

Het Middenstandshuis in Eeklo has a prominent spot in the city's market square. It's an eatery with tradition, and here too they offer a range of gluten-free options. Het Middenstandshuis also has a magnificent terrace with a view of the City Hall, the belfry and the imposing St Vincent's Tower.

Lekker terrassen in het Meetjesland
OP tocht door het Meetjesland

't Stadhuis van Raverschoot in Adegem is another firm favourite in the Meetjesland with a superb reputation. This restaurant is beautifully situated along the Schipdonk canal between Eeklo and the Adegem countryside. Incidentally, the building itself is also very attractive and the name 'stadhuis' (city hall) refers to the rich past of the Ghent Lieve which was located here. There used to be a rabot (hydraulic structure) at this spot where barges moved from lock to lock on the route between Ghent and Damme. The Schipdonk Canal is there nowadays, on the Lieve bed. The boats docking there today are pleasure yachts.

Near the Schipdonk canal on Stoktevijver in Zomergem is Landgoed Den Oker. This restaurant in Lievegem is a little tucked away, but you'll be won over by the garden and welcoming reception. The traditional French cuisine here really is top notch. And the chef is happy to take any special dietary requests into account.

Barn terrace De Vliethoeve in Assenede is located in the quiet Smoutersdijkstraat near the Vliet, a watercourse that meanders toward the Netherlands. You will come across the Vliethoeve on your journey between Assenede village and the Gezusters creeks at the border. Els and Luc provide a warm welcome, and you can feast on delicious gluten-free pancakes.

Sies in Watervliet is housed in the former rectory at Watervliet. This is also a hotel. A beautiful mansion which was the home of 'Rector Sies' during the war, the mischievous Eulenspiegel-like rector who left his mark on the village. Sies is a delicious gastro-restaurant, with a young chef. And the location, het Stee in Watervliet, was one of the reasons why Watervliet was voted one of the most beautiful villages in Flanders.

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Gluten-free accommodation: sleep well!

Want to escape the hustle and bustle for a while? Just you and your partner or with friends? Then book an overnight stay in the Meetjesland. Because after a good night's sleep, you can come down to the breakfast table completely refreshed - and then dive into a gluten-free breakfast without any worries.

Hotel Shamon (Eeklo)

Hotel Shamon in Eeklo has got all the bases covered when it comes to a gluten-free breakfast. There's no shortage of gluten-free alternatives in the pantry. Perfect for when you want to explore this art nouveau gem.

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B&B De Bijenkort (Assenede)

B&B De Bijenkorf in Assenede are also in the gluten-free camp. The hostess here has a gluten intolerance herself, and has spent the last 20 years researching delicious alternatives. Guests can enjoy the fruits of her labours with an irresistable gluten-free breakfast.

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B&B Lomolen Lotenhulle (Aalter)

Here too, everything on the menu can be gluten-free, just ask. Here you've got a lovely, safe base in charming Lotenhulle, in the beautiful cycling area between Bruges and Ghent.

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B&B Bready Oosteeklo (Assenede)

Bread, with an Afro-Belgian twist, is the central theme in this wonderful B&B in the countryside in Oosteeklo. But you'll also find gluten-free bread, and they'll take care of any special dietary requirements. Just ask!

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Villa Magdalena (Eeklo)

In this beautiful villa at the gateway to Eeklo, near het Leen, you can also enjoy a delicious gluten-free breakfast. The customer is king at Villa Magdalena, the villa with the beautiful garden.

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Hotel Ter Heide Lembeke (Kaprijke)

Hotel Ter Heide is a point of reference on the corner at the entrance to the peaceful Lembeek Woods. It's a lovely spot. Here you can experience a veritable gourmet weekend, because the hotel also has a superb restaurant which is well versed in gluten-free requests. Their gluten-free options are just as irresistible as their standard fayre!

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De Molenkreek Sint-Margriete (Sint-Laureins)

Your gluten-free needs will also be taken care of in De Molenkreek, at one of the most romantic spots in our Meetjeslands creek area. Just ask them. This B&B and holiday home, just before the border with the Netherlands, is far from everything and everyone. Enjoy!

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Victor’s Hof Zomergem (Lievegem)

This street in Lievegem, on the Bauwerwaan, is home to the best vantage point in the area, because here you can see everything from 30 metres up! Ideal to start your bike ride through Lievegem, towards Hansbeke and the rest of Deinze or towards the Drongengoed. And your gluten-free needs will gladly be accommodated here. And once you're settled in, take a dip in the swimming pond.

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B&B Beaux Temps Lotenhulle (Aalter)

Gluten-free is also on the menu at B&B Beaux Temps in Aalter, in beautiful Lotenhulle near Poekekasteel, for those who need it. Taking your special dietary requirements into account is part and parcel of the hospitality here, the hosts set great store by it.

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B&B Apollonia (Aalter)

You'll find a great base between Bruges and Ghent in this typical East Flanders farmhouse. With a welcoming and authentic homely vibe, they also take gluten-free and food intolerances into consideration. The sooner you let the owners know, the better they can help!

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De Hostelier Ursel (Aalter)

Did you know that the people of Ursel were nicknamed "De Hosteliers" (The Hoteliers) because they are situated slap bang in the middle of Ghent and Bruges, and were therefore a traditional stop-over point for people travelling between the two cities?  It's therefore no surprise that gluten-free needs are gladly accommodated here as part of their hospitality!

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De Lievde Lovendegem (Lievegem)

Love is all around here. And the beautiful B&B is also situated along De Lieve, Europe's oldest canal, between Ghent and Bruges. Guests are the centre of attention here, and for people with gluten-free needs: just let them know!

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